Can You Find the Missing Vent Tube?


We Can.



We’ve solved the problem of missing vent tubes during the filling process on your beverage line.

Enpro Inc. provides state of the art solutions for the filling process.

Enpro provides patented state of the art traceable components and systems to reduce waste and downtime associated with the filling process. Our services and full product line allow owners and operators to reliably and accurately detect malfunctions during the filling process.

We are proud partners with some of the largest food & beverage manufacturers in the world, and are always working towards new and innovative solutions for all of our customers.

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Filler Vent Tube Reader (FVTR/TS)

The Dorcia Filler Vent Tube Reader Touch Screen (FVTR-TS) is a high-speed RFID reader that records each RFID tag present in the filler vent tubes or traceable pills in real-time during the filling process.


Vent Tube Detection System

Dorcia Engineering’s Vent Tube Detection System (VTDS) is a patented state of the art technology to sense vent tube malfunctions that occur during the filling process.

When the VTDS is used in conjunction with Dorcia’s Traceable Vent Tubes, vent tube malfunctions can be accurately and reliably detected.

The VTDS consists of two Sensor Detection Assemblies which are mounted on either side of the packaging conveyor. The system provides the operator both a visual and discrete signal output if a Traceable vent tube is detected while passing through the sensing zone.


Traceable Vent Tube

Dorcia Engineering Filler Vent Tube

Dorcia Engineering’s Traceable Vent Tube (TVT) is a patented highly engineered traceable vent tube.
When the TVT is used in conjunction with Dorcia’s Vent Tube Detection System (VTDS) all vent tube malfunctions are instantly detected.

The TVT uses passive technology to communicate data, provide traceability, detect malfunctions or other custom information specified by the filling machine owner to the VTDS.

The TVT is constructed from food contact grade materials.


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